This song's dedicated to /
Some of the best bands in the country /
Some of the bands we never got to hear
—Spearmint, “Sweeping the Nation”

Hello Mondo friends, fans and family,

In 2004 DJ Miss Modular was so excited by her love of what was happening in indie pop that she felt compelled to take the music out of her headphones and into the world. That humble party at 169 Bar on the Lower East Side was Mondo. Later that year, she came together with fellow DJs Dr Maz and me, Kevington, to form the core of what would become one of New York City’s most enduring night life institutions. Over the years, we’ve had multi-year residences at Luke & Leroy in the West Village where much to our delight someone spontaneously started breakdancing to Lush’s “Ladykillers” on a packed dance floor, at Don Hill’s where we were welcomed by rock icon himself, Don Hill, and showed the leather jacket room what an unashamed indie pop party could be, and now at Cameo in Williamsburg where we’ve made a home and brought enthusiastic, un-ironic joy to Brooklyn.

Over the years, we’ve hosted live sets from the Radio Dept., the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the Drums and so many more. We’ve had guest DJ sets from John Cameron Mitchell, Au Revoir Simone, Imperial Teen as well as from a handful of other indie devotees from near and far. We’ve thrown Mondo special events all over the city from the Brooklyn Museum to Rooftop Films with Jarvis Cocker to Le Poisson Rouge.

What we’ve done most, though, is love sharing the music that obsesses us. There’s nothing as thrilling as finding an unknown new tune and blasting it for a dance floor of people with great taste who are willing to dance to something they don’t know. Mondo always gets the best people.

But now, after eleven years, it’s time to bring Mondo to a close. It’s not for a lack of desire or anything as deliciously scandalous as found in the best band break ups, rather it’s a departure from NYC, new life demands, a need for travel and new directions. We couldn’t be more gutted to be saying farewell and I dearly hope we see everyone at our last run of parties.

We’ll be hosting our final Mondos at Cameo Gallery on Saturday July 11th, Saturday August 1st and then our grand finale, a massive, extra special all-night blow out on Saturday September 19th.

Much love to everyone who’s supported us over all of these years; your dedication has meant everything.

Kevington, Miss Modular and Dr. Maz